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Can I work during my studies abroad?

This is governed by the terms provided in your student visa for your chosen country. However, most students can work while studying in other destinations while pursuing their degrees. Each country may have distinct hours and restrictions, which our advisors can explain and clarify.

How do I apply for a Student Visa?

International students may be required to apply for a student visa in order to start their studies overseas. Our consultants can provide further information about this. We assist our students throughout the process to guarantee a seamless and stress-free transition.

Why do I need a higher education consultant to study abroad?

With the correct guidance for your academic and professional advancements, a skilled education counsellor can assist you in choosing the right course at the right institution. They may offer you all the services you need in one location, saving you time, money, and the hassle of making unintentionally bad mistakes. They reap synergistic advantages from your investment in higher education abroad.

Do I need to meet any admission requirements?

Entry criteria for their selected courses at their individual universities must be met by all candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. These criteria range from one university to another.

Do I need English Language proficiency?

This is mainly dependent on your chosen degree and institution. There are certain institutions that will need students to satisfy English proficiency criteria, but there are some programmes and colleges where this is not necessary. This may be explored with our advisors to determine the best approach for you.

Where do I start?

Simply get in touch with us by phone, email, or through our contact form, and our advisors will set up a free consultation regarding your question and start planning your study roadmap from there.

Which country or course should I choose to study abroad?

Our advisors are here to assist you and provide you with the pertinent information in accordance with your demands. Our advisors, who are accredited by the British Council and have in-depth knowledge of the industry and consumer preferences, will be able to develop a

Which degree levels do you support?

There are several different degree programmes from which students can select. Programs from colleges, foundation degrees, bachelor's and undergraduate degrees, postgraduate and master's degree programmes, English language courses, and other degree categories are among them. For specific details, kindly get in touch with us.

What is the cost of studying abroad?

The entire cost of studying abroad is entirely dependent on the course you desire to pursue and the country in which you intend to study. If you are working within a certain budget, let us know and we can tailor our services and ensure secure placement in line with your requirements.

Can I study abroad through Scholarships?

Numerous institutions provide grants and scholarships to overseas students. Our staff will be able to help you if you need assistance with the application.

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