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Student Services

Opportunity equality is at the core of all we do. 
We offer thorough assistance in locating possibilities as part of our service.
Academic Guidance Services
Application Support Services
Study Abroad Support Services

Career Counselling

Based on the maximum probability of admission, our comprehensive counselling helps students to select the suitable courses and campuses that meet their professional ambitions.
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Institution Advice & Selection

Different institutions, including schools and universities, provide various programmes and platforms based on the current market dynamics.

Course Advice & Selection

We will offer help by conducting in-depth research on their chosen path of study. 

During your enquiry, we will advise you to select a perfect system based on your preferences, which will lead you to your ambition. 

Admission and Application Process

We are responsible for undergoing all the admission and visa formalities. To ease your abroad education experience, our specialised team can answer your questions quickly and give a step-by-step guide for the required paperwork and other needs.

Interview Support

Our specialists are very knowledgeable and have conducted many interviews for different institutions. Students may ace interviews and guarantee secure placements with the correct assistance and knowledge.

Visa Application & Assistance

Applications for visas have a big impact on the entire process of studying abroad.
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Destination Advice & Selection

Students strive to embrace opportunities across the world. Therefore, they want to establish a firm base by studying abroad. Many students have a distinct destination preference as they seek their comfort zone. 

Accommodation Support

There are housing options available on campus and off campus for many institutions. We are assisting our students in finding housing that is both reasonably priced and equipped with all of the necessities.

Post Arrival Support

We will arrange counselling sessions to ensure that you are at ease and well established in your new location.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Before departing for your study abroad location, you may gain a basic understanding of local culture, traditions, and customs by attending our pre-departure meeting.

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University Services

We are aware of the enormous benefits that international students offer to our clients in terms of intellect, culture, and diplomacy. 

To offer access to international students in a way that is affordable, effective, and flexible, we collaborate closely with our institutions.

Our database of competent applicants has been organised according to desired destinations and programmes, and we make sure to deliver students of the highest calibre. 

We recognise that in addition to alumni, students contribute significantly to the strategic objectives of many institutions. 

For this reason, we believe it is crucial to provide each student with the best academic possibilities.

Imperium Consultancy Global aim to alleviate the challenge of international student recruitment by providing your institution with the following:
A contractual relationship that is open and transparent. Fees are identified up-front and there are no additional hidden costs.
Introduction to high quality prospective students, quickly. We have a substantial number of students who are proactively seeking opportunities for the next stage of their education.
We work to promote your institution. When a university works with us, we actively promote the opportunities that they offer within our existing overseas territories. As new territories are added, our clients get priority access to suitable candidates.
We help you to access students from locations that your university may not have explored previously. This gives you a wider pool of high calibre candidates to choose from.
Close working relationships with your International Student team to ensure that we understand your needs fully. We are then able to tailor our services to your exact requirements.
We work with your recruitment timetables. This means that we can introduce suitable students to you exactly when you need them.
We put both student and university interests at the centre of what we do. We value our relationships with both and aim to achieve the best outcomes for all parties.
A proven track record of working with institutions such as yours, and excellent customer feedback.
The areas where there is a need for the recruitment of overseas students can be explored by our team.

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